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Help center

This is how you find the overview of your orders
<p> Under your account you will find overviews of all your current and new orders. </ p> <ol class = `instruction-list`> <li> Log in with your account </ li>
<li> Click <a href=`account/`> account </a> </ li> <li> go to <a href=`account/orders/`> my orders </a> </> li> </ ol>
View order status
<p> You can find this feature in your account under »My Orders«. Here is a tracking number for each of your orders deposited. </ P> <ol> Class = `instruction-list`> <li> Login with your account </ li> <li> Click on the navigation <a href = ` account / `> account </a> </ li> <li> go to <a href=`account/orders/`> my orders </a> </ li> <li> select your order </ li> <li> You can see the status of your order directly from us or copy the <strong> tracking number </ strong> and see directly at <a href = `https: //www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/hilf-kundenservice / shipment tracking / `target =` blank `> DHL </a> to </ li> </ ol>
My order did not arrive
<p> As a rule, everything runs smoothly after the order. If you still have not received confirmation, follow the steps below: </ p> <ol class = `instruction-list`> <li> Please check your SPAM folder </ li> <li> Check your order status maybe it was not home when it arrived at your place </ li> <li> If the first two points did not help you, please contact our friendly support </ li> </ ol>
Change of selection before ordering
<p> Here is the shopping cart exactly the right place. Here you can quickly change your motif sizes, materials and the number, if you have decided otherwise. </ P>
How to proceed after the order
<p> Of course, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail immediately after placing your order so that you can be sure that everything has run smoothly. Please also take a precaution in your spam folder, if the confirmation should not be found in your mailbox. As a registered customer, you also have the advantage of viewing your sending status at any time. Your artworks will be forwarded immediately after receipt of payment in our own production, checked for quality defects and shipped within 1-2 days. If you have further questions about your order, do not hesitate to contact us via the support. </ P>
Change of order after payment
If you have ordered something from us, we will immediately start processing your order. Because nothing is "off the shelf" with us, we can not change anything once your order has been finalized and sent. But do not worry, if your order is already on its way to you, you can still use our order modification form. Then we cancel the existing booking and send you a credit for the shop, so you can order just the right thing.

This does not apply to personalized products (own motive). Since these are custom-made products, we can not cancel or return personalized products.

Here you come to the returns form.
How much is the shipping?
Within Germany we charge 6.90 € for shipping if your purchase value is below 149 €.
From 149 € you get your artwork delivered to your home for free.

If your order is within Europe and outside of Germany, we charge a shipping fee of 24.90 €.
How long does delivery take?
Customers from Germany receive their artworks within 2-3 business days. After order receipt, your pictures go directly into production and will either be shipped on the same day or no later than the following day.

For orders within Europe and outside Germany, we have a shipping time of 6-8 business days.
If you need your artworks faster, would be an international express delivery with additional payment possible. Write us a message and we will help you to enjoy your artworks as fast as possible on your wall.

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